Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix Watch

Audemars Piguet is a brand that has released many new watches.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE 26470OR.OO.A099CR.01,The most exciting of these is the Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix watch collection. Each has a limited edition, so these are not permanent additions to the series. There are three deluxe versions and I offer you a hands-on experience. Let's start with the basic options. Each has ceramics and a lot of fake carbon, but I will introduce them a bit. You can choose to complement it with titanium, 18k rose gold or platinum.

A "new" luxury watch doesn't have to be huge paper weight. Of course, it can be as heavy as it is usually valued, but lightweight. Years of giant metal watches have attracted consumers, not for smaller watches, but for lighter ones. After spending $ 50,000 on a new golden love, why hesitate to take it with you. Granted, I'm not the one to complain about bulky watches, but sometimes you do want something "almost invisible" on your wrist. In this category, Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix watches are undoubtedly suitable. Completely eye-catching, but less noticeable when dragged onto the arm.Jacob & Co Astronomia Automatic AT130.40.AC.SD.A

It all started with Audemars Piguet's proprietary forged carbon technology. I must admit that when the material was first announced a few years ago, I doubted it. Forged fibers are not carbon fibers, but a special method of compressing carbon into a specific shape and using it as a shell material. It took Audemars Piguet to get it right, but it turned out to be sold to me. Forged carbon black marble tones are not for everyone, in which case Audemars Piguet complements it with a variety of other materials, giving it only another texture. This is wise. Other than ceramic and metal, it looks pretty good. Depending on the model, forged carbon constitutes most cases. The forged carbon touched is impressive. Although it is hard, it is warm and soft-it is almost soft to the touch. There was no depression or spotty at all. Most importantly, it is sturdy and ultralight. I mean super light. Even in gold, it makes the watch very lightweight. When you mix forged carbon with ceramic and titanium, you will find a luxury watch with almost no weight-even if the watch is 44 mm wide and 15.65 mm high.

The titanium version has the highest carbon content. You can see titanium around the screws and timing buttons. The bottom case is surrounded by sapphire crystals with titanium plates. Many case designs are a hybrid between the Royal Oak Offshore Survivor and the older Royal Oak Rubens Barrichello II watches. Many of the elements inspired by racing in the watch are in the dial, and there are many "vents" around the bezel and other parts of the watch. You can also see this on the automatic movement. However, the decoration on the rotor looks more like a piece of clothing (black) dressed up by the Star Wars commandos than something on a racing car.HUBLOT MP-05 LAFERRARI GOLD 905.VX.0001.RX replica

Speaking of the movement, it is all self-made Audemars Piguet automatic movements 3126/3840, with 365 parts and a 60-hour power reserve. Like all Audemars Piguet watches, its details are very detailed. The rotor is actually partially blackened 22k gold. Features of the movement include time with an auxiliary second hand, 12-hour chronograph and date indicator (under a spare magnifying glass below the sapphire crystal).

When you look at the gold and platinum versions, you get heavier watches, but those watches put more emphasis on these materials. For the ultra-light version, you know you can pair it with a titanium model. Each model has a different color palette. The titanium version has a red central "giant tableware", while the gold version has black and the platinum version has gold. This part of the dial and the chapter ring flange with the tachometer scale and sub-dial are made of aluminum. The dial further emphasizes the spirit of racing by borrowing the appearance of the racing dashboard. It has been done before, but this is just a new interpretation of luxury racing watches.Richard Mille RM 038 Bubba Watson replica

By looking at the side picture of the case, you can really understand the complexity of the case. In my opinion, the really interesting design features make the race car sport more sci-fi. I have seen countless fantasy world ships in the design of this watch. Far away ... Don't you see that Star Wars Millennium Falcon is the inspiration for this watch? Consider the overall shape of the pusher housing. Move the cockpit from the side of the boat between the jets, add some thick timing buttons, and you have the basic shape. Even the crown and cockpit of the Grand Prix look similar. No matter where the inspiration comes from, I prefer the idea of ​​using space-age technology tools on my wrist rather than racing. Maybe that's because unless you count NASCAR, racing is not that popular in the United States.

The strap is also neat. It's made of several fabrics, including black calfskin and Alcantara leather (used in many racing seats because it reduces slippage). The buckle matches the metal of the case and is sandblasted with beadwork to perfectly present the original look. All in all, the Royal Oaks Offshore Grand Prix is ​​a cool, ultra-modern luxury watch that keeps the Royal Oak Offshore Watch collection fresh. Even though the design is not unique compared to previous works, it does feel special and has the typical and impressive Audemars Piguet characteristics. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Grand Prix replica watches for sale, find them ASAP.